South West NatureGuide

An app for the unique environment of the South West of Western Australia

The South West NatureGuide is a version of the NatureGuide app developed in partnership with the Western Australian Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA).

Launched on April 5th, 2017, the App now contains over 160 entries on local flora, fauna and history.

  • You can use the app as a reference by browsing or searching the entries
  • The app has audio of entries
  • Zoom on hi-res images to look more closely at a plant
  • Keep lists of plants you have seen or scanned
  • Maintain a favourites list of plants and other features you want to remember.

The App is available for Apple iOS and Android. Download from the App Store or Google Play.

Check the current list of tagged trails here.

Homescreen - iOS version

Top of a typical entry

Click on image to zoom for detail

Another typical entry

Scroll down for more info

Search by common or scientific name, habit, flower type, colour and flowering time

Common animals too

Keep lists of plants you have seen or scanned

Another typical entry