Marking trails

One of the challenges in nature interpretation is to provide rich information without spreading large and costly signs throughout a natural place.

NatureGuide has solved this problem by moving information to an app, where it can be edited and expanded without having to install a new sign. More rich information can be stored in an app than can feasibly placed on a sign and the app can include audio, search and zoomable images.

NatureGuide has also developed a trail marking system that is attractive, durable, low maintenance, low cost and easy to change. This system is deployed in the South West of Western Australia and Parks and Wildlife sites - but the system is open to all.

Any landowner can mark a trail with NatureGuide QR codes and promote a NatureGuide trail to their visitors. There are NatureGuide trails at Caravan parks and home-stays across the South West.

Contact NatureGuide at for more information on the trail marking system for your application.

  • You can download a How To guide about the trail marking system on our downloads page.
  • You can also download all of our QR codes to print and mark your own trail using any system you like.

Bron Anderson from DBCA installs a marker on the Giant Tingle trail

Standard aluminium trail marker